Meta Analysis


A meta analysis is a systematic way to quantify the total effect size of an ingredient or product and to control for variables that may moderate that effect. Practically, this means the meta analytic methodology is able to produce a more generalizable effect of your product or ingredient across a wide range of markets. The research is also able to identify ways in which the total effect of your product or ingredient may be altered–both positively and negatively.

Meta Analysis Can..

Provide clarity when published studies have conflicting results, allowing you to substantiate structure / function claims without the cost of larger studies

Meta Analysis Can..

Identify populations, health conditions, or other factors that play a role in moderating your product's efficacy

Meta Analysis Can...

Resolve consumer confusion created by click-bait media headlines by establishing the strongest level of causal evidence and increase your product/ingredient’s scientific validation

Our team is highly skilled in conducting meta analyses and is among the most widely published researchers using this methodology in the natural products market.

Why is this critical? Many natural product clinical trials are underpowered, reflect poor methodology, and use subclinical dosing. A meta analysis can correct for these factors, cutting through the noise, and identifying the true potential of your product.

Meta analysis does not require ethics authorizations or trial registries, and they can be completed in as little as 4-6 weeks.



Is a meta-analysis what your ingredient needs?

Our team can offer insight as to the suitability of epidemiological studies for your unique needs. We can also develop research protocols and conduct these studies for your company.


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