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Dr. Jessie Hawkins' Nutraceuticals Research Institute can help your natural health products become scientifically proven


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clinical research for natural products

Our innovative approach to clinical research for the unique needs of the natural products industry helps you unlock new claims by delivering higher quality clinical trial services that don't break the budget. 


Clinical Trials

Clinical trials for natural products are our primary focus. Our team designs, conducts, and analyzes human research studies. Our emphasis includes clinical trials (phases 2-4), registry studies, feasibility analyses, and meta-analyses.



Biostats can make or break your trial. Simplistic, elementary models lead to false negatives and failed studies. When our team creates your statistical analysis plan or conducts your power analysis to determine the right sample size, these risks are minimized, protecting your research investment. 

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Botanical Drug Development

Medicinally active natural products can obtain FDA Drug Authorization through a unique process which is faster than traditional pharmaceuticals for a fraction of the cost. 

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Dr. Hawkins' Nutraceuticals Research Institute exclusively on botanical products, essential oils, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements. This in-depth expertise brings efficiency, affordability, and most important, quality, to your clinical research project. 

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