About NRI

Custom clinical research designed to meet the unique needs of the natural products industry

Outcome Measures

A successful natural product trial requires tools that were developed specifically for use in the natural products industry and are capable of documenting a holistic range of improvements in well-being among people who are already considered to be healthy.


As a natural health research firm, we take a different approach. Each and every researcher on our team is also a trained natural health professional. We know the interactions between substances such as botanicals, nutraceuticals, or essential oils, and memory, stress, fatigue, or other outcomes. This allows us to understand your product in ways no other firm can.

Study Quality

Far too many natural product trials fail not because the product doesn't work, but because the trial was poorly designed. We ensure you avoid risks such as: underpowered studies, poor choice in endpoint measures, inability to develop an effective intervention protocol, participant dropouts, or sloppy data analysis.

Our Mission

Nutraceuticals Research Institute was established to improve the quality of clinical research on natural products. Our interdisciplinary team conducts clinical and epidemiological research for the natural products industry, offers biostatistical services for the medical and drug industries, and delivers clinical methodology, compliance, and claim substantiation services.


We design each clinical trial to meet the unique needs of your specific product, boosting your chances of success.

- Christoper Whitted. CEO, Open Source Software.


Our Skills & Expertise

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