– April 16-21, 2023 –

London. Oxford. Hinckley. Bath.

Franklin Health's 2023 Study Tour of England

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On the first full day of the trip, you'll become a student at the prestigious Oxford University. Nestled in this City of Spires is the Osler McGovern Centre, a long-time academic home of medical students, physicians, scientists, and other healers. You'll follow in this rich tradition learning more about the scientific evidence of botanical medicine in the past, present, and future. 



Tuesday's stop in Hinckley provides not only the opportunity to learn aromaflexology at the renowned Penny Price Academy, but also a step back in time to a quaint and traditional English village. You'll stay in a comfortable English cottage and enjoy a "Full English" breakfast before a day packed with a fragrant learning experience. 

FIW HInckley


Our trip concludes in Bath, a town first established by the Romans as a thermal spa in the first century AD. This town became the hub of all that is fashionable in the Georgian era, recognized for its health-promoting benefits, and is now recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. While in Bath, you'll benefit from this healing tradition by pampering yourself in the thermae spa, expanding your culinary repertoire, and enhancing your knowledge of traditional well-being. 

Historic Baths

Explore Your Itinerary 

History Tour
SoHo, London

The week begins Sunday at 1pm London time with a walking tour through the sites of some of the most noteworthy events in health history. During this exciting excursion, you will learn the behind-the-scenes stories that led to some of the greatest advancements in health. Whether this is your first time in London or you call the city home, you will see this area as never before.

Oxford Campus
Osler McGovern Centre
Aromaflexology Workshop
Penny Price Academy

The field of aromaflexology combines the power of essential oils with the effects of reflexology. This concept, originally developed by Shirley Price, is the focus of Tuesday's full-day session at the Penny Price Academy. You'll be introduced to reflex points on the feet and how to integrate aromatherapy to this complementary therapy.  

Botanicals in the Kitchen
On your first day in Bath, you'll take the botanical education you've received so far and learn how to integrate it into culinary treats. You'll spend the morning in a chocolate-making class learning how spices and oils can transform this much-loved treat while taking in stunning views of the ancient baths. After lunch, you'll head into a kitchen lab to master some of England's oldest and healthiest recipes. 
bath spa
Ancient Roman Baths &  Thermae Bath Spa

Your final stop on the trip is to the ancient Roman city of Bath, which has a rich tradition of health and luxury. Hydrotherapy is emphasized on Thursday, with a private tour of the Roman baths, workshops on water as a healing aid, and a session at the luxurious Thermae Bath Spa. The evening concludes with some free time to explore on your own.

Food History & Nutrition
Sally Lunn's Bakery & Bath Soft Cheese Company

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FIW Big Ben 2
FIW Bath Spa
Jessie teaching

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Russell Square
Bloomsbury, London


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