Fall 2023: Elderberry Supplement

The World's Largest Elderberry Clinical Trial 

Check back soon!  This study will resume in Fall 2023, tracking with the cold/flu season.  

Summary: The purpose of this trial is to identify immune-health-related effects of daily supplementation with elderberry capsules.

Participation involves:  attending a 10-minute orientation meeting   taking 2 elderberry capsules/day for 13 weeks providing daily symptom text updates and taking 3 surveys. 

Compensation:  You will receive $120 compensation for completing the study. 

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Who can join?

This study is open to healthy adults who are between the ages of 20-65 and live in the United States.

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What's Involved?

• Attend orientation

•  Take 2 capsules/day for 13 weeks 

•  Complete daily symptom log 

•  Take 3 online surveys 

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Will I be paid?


You will receive $120 compensation for completing the study.  Payment is divided by days 1, 60, and 90 of completion.  


What are the steps? 

Getting Started

Complete the form below.  Our research team will send you a survey to learn more about your health status. 

If you meet the study criteria, you will receive a link to schedule a 10-minute, in-person orientation meeting with a member of our team. During this time we will answer any questions and you will receive your supplement supplies (if not local, a Zoom meeting and supplies via USPS is possible).

In-person visits can take place in Franklin, TN or Huntsville, AL. 


Get Going!

Once you have your supplement materials, start taking 2 capsules each day: 1 in the morning and 1 at night. 

Each evening you'll receive a text checking on any symptoms of illness that day (respiratory, gastrointestinal, dermal, or other). If none, text "no," and you are finished for the day. If yes, you will take a 2-minute survey about your symptoms. 

There will be 3 surveys during the study on days 1, 60, and 90. 


Payment & Support

You will be compensated $120 in a Visa/Mastercard cash card, or an e-gift card at over 100 popular online retailers. Compensation is divided into your day 1, 60, and 90 benchmarks. 

Our team is available to you 24/7.  

Interested in the results?  Once the study is complete, a private zoom invitation will be sent to all study participants with an overview of the findings!


Important Info

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the immune supportive effects of elderberry supplementation. This clinical trial protocol has been evaluated and approved by an independent third-party ethical review board which is accredited by the US Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Human Research Protections (HHS-OHRP). It is conducted in compliance with the Declaration of Helsinki, the Belmont Report, the regulations outlined in 45 CFR 46, and ICH GCP E6 (R2). The protocol is also registered in a World Health Organization (WHO) approved clinical trial registry.